8 Simple Tricks to Maximize Traffic to Your Site with a Killer LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is often thought of as a place to find a new job, recruit a new employee or post your resume. However, like any social media site, LinkedIn is a great way to promote yourself, find groups within your circle of interests, and meet new people. The difference is that LinkedIn is used primarily for conducting business. But that’s ultimately what you are: a business. So, what better place to start building a new client base than with a platform designed exactly for that purpose?

To maximize traffic to your site. That’s your primary goal. In this article, we’re going to focus on landing potential clients on your page using SEO and SMO best practices with your LinkedIn profile.

1. Write a dynamite summary

The most important thing you can do on LinkedIn is to write a great summary. The search algorithm they use targets keywords in your profile to match you with searches. Your profile summary is the field you get to modify the most, and therefore as the largest potential to register more hits.

2. Use the right keywords in your summary

Search for other businesses like yours. What keywords do they use? Search like you were one of your own clients. What keywords do you use? Those need to be part of your summary because those are what people are going to search for. Don’t worry about getting in every single word at first. Over time you will find ones that are better than others and you’ll tailor your summary to be more precise. The important thing is that you have keywords at the front of your mind and you always have an eye open for the best ones that will generate the most hits.

3. Your first couple of sentences are the most important

LinkedIn only shows the first two or three sentences of your summary before visitors have to click to see more. So you’ve have to hook them in these first few sentences. Be engaging, direct and use action words. Also practice word economy; eliminate unnecessary words. “We would be happy to work with you” is more efficiently written as “We are happy to work with you.” It only reduces one word, but it’s less conditional and it allows you to add one more keyword that you’d rather people see in your opening sentences.

4. Use the maximum word count in your summary

Keywords, keywords, keywords. The more you write, the more keywords you will use. They give you a certain number of words to use, so use them. Don’t make your summary too fluffy, though. You still want people to read it. Just make sure to get in every last word you can. Use word economy and eliminate unnecessary words to make this possible.

5. Friend everyone!

While you are using your keywords to do your research, send an invite to everyone you come across in the search results. This isn’t Facebook; unabashedly build your network! That’s what LinkedIn is for. If you have a common interest with a client or similar business, invite them into your circle. Not only does this add a potential audience for your posts, but you will now appear in more search results as suggestions for other people with common friends or interests. You just multiplied your exposure!

6. Post directly onto LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform like any other. People get lost in the internet rabbit-hole and can spend hours perusing articles and posts. Did you come across something interesting that you think your clients will want to see? Post it! Write something catchy and post link back to your booking page at the end. Your summary is how people find you, but your posts are how you engage with your network. Be an active poster.

7. Like and comment on what other people have posted

Do this often. People are posting on LinkedIn to further their career and no one is going to question a positive comment on their professional profile. It makes you look good and compels people to check out your page and reciprocation with comments of their own.

8. Use hashtags

Just like Twitter, Instagram and, well, every social media platform now, LinkedIn uses hashtags. Have I mentioned using keywords? Tag your posts with these when applicable. Now your posts will come up in searches as well. Bonus site hits!

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