3 Step Guide and Checklist to Build a Profitable Affiliate Marketing Business

This Guide is to help you get started to get your affiliate marketing business up and running at warp speed following through the Checklist

STEP 1: Creating A Blog

Getting your domain name is the first step before you start anything. It’s like registering the name of your company but now this is your blog. The most common place to buy your domain name is at NameCheap.com.

Getting A Domain Name

But the problem with NameCheap is that you need to redirect the name servers from your chosen hosting account.

You can actually get Hosting account at WP Engine, BlueHost or Cloudway.

But It takes like 24hrs or more when you direct their name servers from your NameCheap account

Getting a Hosting Plan

So I prefer the faster way which is using the Wealthy Affiliate Site Builder Platform which enables you to get your website up and running in 5 mins.

So if you are someone who wants to get things moving and setup fast, below are the steps on how simple it’s to setup a blog within the Wealthy Affiliate Site.

STEP 1: Register a Domain

STEP 2: Search For Domain Names You Want

STEP 3: Your Blog is up and running in seconds

Register as an Affiliate

I would recommend joining affiliate programs like Clickbank, JVZoo and ShareASale.

Pick a product in your niche that pays at least 50% commission. A product that sells for $200 and you get $100/sale commission.

It would be better if you have a PayPal account as it’s link to your Bank account for fast transfer of cash.

Your First Blog Post

Writing a blog post starts with the question with the end in mind.

What do my readers want to know?

What’s the end result that want?

Affiliate marketing is all about writing, communicating, speaking to a group of people who has a specific problem in need to resolve

STEP 2: Setup your Email Marketing System

The whole objective of setting up your email marketing system is to collect your prospects name and address.

So you can follow up with them, communicating with them and answering their questions.

There are 3 components, first the opt in form, second the lead magnet and lastly the autoresponder

Creating The Opt in Form

There are tons of softwares which you can literally create the opt in form in 5 mins.

Such as LeadPages and ClickFunnels.

I uses ConvertBox which is by far the easiest and fastest way to create the opt in form at their web based platform and copy and paste the code into your blog post. Simple and stress free.

  • STEP 1: Create a New Campaign
  • STEP 2: Create a new Convert Box
  • STEP 3: Customise Your Opt in Form
  • STEP 4: Select your options and Click Save
  • STEP 5: Copy & Paste the Code to your blog post
  • STEP 6:  Integrate It With Your AutoResponder

Creating The Lead Magnet

Creating the Lead Magnet aka the free report, the ebook to give away for free to exchange for the name and address of your prospect.

It’s like a writing a blog post but using more of pictures and screenshots to illustrate something important.

It’s more of a picture book to show people how to do certain stuff..

The Autoresponder

The job of an Auto Responder is to collect the name and emails of the prospect and you just need to write one email and send out to a list of 500 subscribers at one time.

It just saves so much time and you can track the open rates Clickthrough rates to find out what’s wrong with your emails.

Writing Your Followup Emails

So now the email marketing system is setup, you can start writing your first welcome email.

Your first welcome email will include the link to download your free report, your lead magnet.

Then you write 3 more followup emails to tell them more about their problems and share stories on how it can help them.

STEP 3: Promotion Driving Traffic

Getting your marketing campaign up and running quickly to get people to join your list

Drive Traffic Using FB Ads

The fastest way to drive traffic would be using paid advertising methods.

Facebook Ads is a great way to drive visitors to your blog as you can choose your target audience and select which interests to go for.

The Audience insights tool would be a great way to do your research and look for your target audience.

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