Scaled 0 – $117k in less than 30 Days!!! by Facebook Ads

0 – $117k in less than 30 Days!!!

I want to break down how we scaled past $100k/month in less than 30 days by Facebook Ads.

Here is some context about this store specifically – Niche: Meal Prep Retailer for fitness

AOV: $80 – $125 ROAS: 6.58 Revenue: $117,850.169

Now, let’s dive straight into it. Here is how we setup our campaigns:

TOF → Brand awareness/Video views TOF → Conversions

MOF → Social proof/Conversions

BOF → Retargeting post purchasers/ATC

This is typically how we set up our campaigns across the board for different industries in the Ecom niche. This campaign layout is the best way to see results as quickly as possible.

I’ll explain how to set up each campaign properly with our creative strategy at each sector of the funnel.

TOF Brand awareness/Video views

Campaign Structure:

ADSET – 1% LLA excluding 30 day all page engagement, website visits, and video views.

ADSET – 5% LLA excluding 30 day all page engagement, website visits, and video views.

ADSET – Interest A – excluding 30 day all page engagement, website visits, and video views.

ADSET – Interest B – excluding 30 day all page engagement, website visits, and video views.

 ADSET – Open – excluding 30 day all page engagement, website visits, and video views.

Our objective here is to reach as many people as possible and to overall build engagement. We will retarget these people later.

Creative Structure:

2 options here that generate social proof: Image with details regarding industry news, how is the product different from its competitors, describing the brand’s story, Videos that appeal to your customers by showing the product in action, unboxing product video, product testimonials from real customers, etc.

I personally find it easier using video ads to generate social proof but images work well for different industries.

Let’s move on…

TOF Conversions

Let’s get into how we structure our conversion campaigns.

We run CBO with 6- 8 adsets at a time. Campaign Structure:

ADSET 1 → Super 1% → 3-5 top creatives

ADSET 2 → Super 5% → 3-5 top creatives

ADSET 3 → Super 10% → 3-5 top creatives

ADSET 4 → Interest A → 3-5 top creatives

ADSET 5 → Interest B → 3-5 top creatives

ADSET 6 → Interest C → 3-5 top creatives

Creatives at this point…. The objective is the same across the board in each funnel sector while presenting the product in front of each audience.

Video structure:

0:00 – 0:03 → centering the problem

0:03 – 0:10 → the solution to the problem

 0:10 – 0:15 → showing benefit of the product

0:15 – 0:20 → Sharing how life changing the product was These transition clips are just an estimate of what a winning creative looks like.

You don’t want to over transition nor have an ad longer than 30 seconds… (keep this in mind)

Image Structure:

The image structure is pretty simple here: Grab attention Display the benefits Keeping simple here works best

MOF Conversions

This sector here is one of the easiest because we are ultimately turning cold prospects into lifelong customers.

Campaign Structure:

ADSET 1 – All FB page/post engagement – 3 creatives

ADSET 2 – All IG page/post engagement – 3 creatives

ADSET 3 – All video views – 3 creatives Creatives are going to be your best friend here.

We have to demonstrate social proof here. Your MOF audience understands your product but doesn’t fully trust it yet.

Creative Structure:

Here is how we do it:

Unboxing videos Taste test videos

Testimonial videos

First impression videos

User-generated content builds trust here.

BOF Retargeting Sequence

Our BOF campaign is pretty simple but this sequence is tailored more towards ecom brands spending over 1K per day. This method works best for those dealing with a higher budget.

Let’s break it down…

Objective – this is a 14-day process where we show potential customers a different angle every 3 days to convert the maximum % of web viewers.

Here is how the campaign is setup:

3 DAYS – Product focused creative/messaging

3 DAYS – Brand focused creatives/messaging

3 DAYS – Testimonials

5 DAYS – Brand origin story Again, this campaign structure works best for those spending over $1k per day.


BOF → Conversions Pretty simple here, we are simply just retargeting all purchasers with a discount. That’s literally it.

Thanks guys

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